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05-18-2015, 02:58 AM
Taiwan Sparq Data Center

Service Taiwan Sparq data center is located in Technology Park, Neihu,Taibei owned by the New Century InfoComm Tech Co., Ltd which is a member of the Far EasTone Group, The company was established in June,2000 as an excellent fixed-line operator, providing users with a professional and complete telecommunications services. In 2008, FET, and NCIC announced the establishment of the "Far East Group" to further integration of resources to meet the needs of users. In addition to international line resources offered by SingTel, Taiwan Sparq also invested on the second generation of the Asia-Pacific submarine cable network (APCN2) with more than 40 global telecommunication companies. The length of submarine cable is 18,000 km tthat across the Asia-Pacific region an important trade districts, including Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Letswin offers 24 hr after-sale service for large bandwidth for sale and co-location at the best prices.
* Taiwan class I telecommunications data center, best choice for enterprise client;
* The cabinet in Neihu DC and Banqiao DC has shockproof capabilities for seven magnitude earthquake. Access control system is at the highest level;
* Best choice foreign trading enterprises, game proxy, VPN proxy. Testing ip:

TW Server(Sparq)

*Product Type: E Series CPU: E5200 Memory: 2G HDD:160G Bandwidth: 2Mbps IP: 1
Price: Monthly: US$230/ Quarterly: US$574/ Annually:US$2296

*Product Type: Q Series CPU: Q8400 Memory: 4G HDD: 320G Bandwidth: 2Mbps IP: 1 Price: Monthly: US$279/ Quarterly: US$738/ Annually: US$2623

*Product Type: Q Series CPU: Q9400 Memory: 4G HDD: 500G Bandwidth: 2Mbps IP: 1 Price: Monthly : US$295/ Quarterly: US$771/ Annually: US$2787

*Product Type: I Series CPU: i5 Memory: 4G HDD: 500G Bandwidth: 2Mbps IP:1 Price: Monthly: US$328/ Quarterly: US$820/ Annually: US$2951

*Product Type: I Series CPU: i7 Memory: 8G HDD: 500G Bandwidth: 2Mbps IP: 1 Price: Monthly: US$377/ Quarterly: US$984/ Annually: US$3115

*Product Type: X Series CPU: Xeon E5504*2 Memory: 8G HDD: 500G Bandwidth: 2Mbps IP: 1 Price:Monthly: US$492/ Quarterly: US$1361/ Semiannually: US$2460/ Annually: US$4492/ 2 years: US$7869

Taiwan Sparq Data Center Server Hosting Notice:

1. We offer free system reinstallation once in a month. More times are available for our regular customers;
2. Dedicated servers of Taiwan Sparq hosting packages: 5M, 10M. For large bandwidth leasing and better price, please contact the online customer service;
3. Dedicated servers of Taiwan Sparq separate ip, $ 18/month for one, and special price for ip number according to the amount of bandwidth;
4. Taiwan Sparq data center provides co-location for servers in Taiwan. Please contact online customer service for special offers;
5. We provide 24 hours detection of internet attack processing and troubleshooting;
6. Free installation of database environment 24 hours a day after sale.
* Your satisfaction means a lot to us. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service commissioner, we guarantee you professional answers.

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