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05-26-2015, 05:02 AM
American SK server

Letswin SK data center t provides the U.S. server rental. Regular data center full lines, USA SK web server, with the world's first connection quality, good giant data center environment, advanced equipment. It is known as the world's best environmental quality data center system. Chicago SK web server also called SA data center, overseas anti-DDOS attack capability of the more prominent data center, large bandwidth, numerous IP; SA directly deploys FDC data center backbone. SA offers free firewall, 7-layer filtering, and 13 kinds of methods that against DDOS attacks; no server closure for customers who have been attached.
1. Full support for monthly, NO security deposit, NO set-up fees, NO hidden fees;
2. Our firewall protects you from 30G traffic attacks;
3. Rich hosting resources with stable lines;
4. Best choice for foreign trading companies due to the feature for large bandwidth, great stability, and prompt service. Testing ip:

American SK web server dedicated server Precautions:

1. Delivery: Usually 24-48 hours, except out of stock business. Renewals: two days in advance to complete renewals. IP section: 70.39.xxx.xxx / 204.188.xxx.xxx / 208.98.xxx.xxx / 64.32.xxx.xxx / 67.21.xxx.xxx.
2. USA SK centos / Debian / Ubuntu (32-Bit/64-Bit) free.

windows2003 Standard (32-Bit/64-Bit) free (except 10M)

windows2003 Standard (10M) US US$35

3. above are the price for default configuration of the machine, additional fees have to be paid for any upgrade in the configuration.
4. 24-hour free installation of database environment etc after sale.

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