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06-03-2015, 03:10 AM
Korea Hosting

Letswin provides Korea web server, which is strongly defensive and locates in Capital Seoul. Besides HK and TW, Korea web server is the fastest that connects China, the ping value can reach almost 70, the default of bandwidth is 10M, and DC is equipped with 10G firewall. A resourceful bandwidth is very suitable for game proxy, website application, game setup, foreign trade etc. Letswin Korea Hosting has self-managed for years, stable and secure!

Korea Server

Product Type: Intel Xeon 3070 Memory: 2GB HDD: 500GB Bandwidth: 10Mbps IP: 1
Price: Monthly : US$145/ Annually: US$1558

Product Type: dell 1950 4core*2 Memory: 4GB HDD: 1TB Bandwidth: 10Mbps IP: 1
Price: Monthly : US$161/ Annually: US$1738

Product Type: E3-1230V2 Memory: 4GB HDD: 1TB Bandwidth: 10Mbps IP: 1
Price: Monthly : US$177/ Annually: US$1902

Product Type: Intel Xeon x5650 Memory: 4x4GB
HDD: 1TB Bandwidth: 10M IP: 1
Price: Monthly : US$292/ Annually: US$3148

Korea servers rental notice:

1. Infinite free reinstallation of servers, linux, Debian, FreeBSD, windows2003/2008 systems support;
2. Upgrade bandwidth packages, bandwidth 100/M;
3.Independent IP, monthly $16 per one, according to the amount of bandwidth, finite;
4. In case of troubles, 24 hours intruding solutions are provided;
5. Free installation of database environment in 24 hours after sale;
6.Please abidance by the local law when rental, sex, gamble, drugs or any other illegal behaviors are prohibited.

* Your satisfaction means a lot to us. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service commissioner, we guarantee you professional answers.

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