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06-15-2015, 03:25 AM
UK Dedicated Server Hosting

UK SG data center is located in London. UK servers provided by Letswin technology are housed in the UK's most qualified international two data centers, computer data center providing N +1 UPS power generators and long-term reserves, with 14,105 kilowatts DX CRAC unit and the outdoor condenser N +1 configuration.
* Letswin's English resource data center, the British host high-speed stability, versatile, supporting monthly, annually pay, without any hidden fees;
* Letswin UK server machine fast delivery, within 24 hours, usually delivered within 5 hours;
* UK server monthly free unlimited redo system: Windows or Linux;
* UK server network maintenance free, free troubleshooting, free system security settings;
* our free installation for IIS, MSSQL, PHP5, Mysql5, Zend3.3;
* UK server stability; Fast speed is connected to the domestic with stability, the speed is also very dominant even to Southeast Asia;
* provide 7x24 hours after-sales support, support for QQ, MSN, EMAIL, SKYPE;
* UK server billing on 18th day of each month, ask the customer in advance for renewals.
Teat ip :

London Server

Product Type: Intel E3-1231v3 Memory: 8GB
HDD: 2x1TB Traffic: 100TB IP: 1
Price: Monthly : US$287/ Quarterly: US$837

Product Type: Intel E3-1241v3 Memory: 8GB
HDD: 2x1TB Traffic: 100TB IP: 1
Price: Monthly : US$296/ Quarterly: US$886

Product Type: Intel E3-1271v3 Memory: 8GB
HDD: 2x1TB Traffic: 100TB IP: 1
Price: Monthly : US$312/ Quarterly: US$935

Product Type: Intel E5620 Memory: 12GB
HDD: 2x1TB Traffic: 100TB IP: 1
Price: Monthly : US$369/ Quarterly: US$1099

UK Server Hosting Notice:

* This offer includes a variety of linux systems, and win 2003/2008 Standard Edition fees;
* UK hosting reinstalls the system, not charge any technical service fee;
* UK hosting and additional memory prices: add 2G memory, $ 35. raid0 / 1, $ 59, add 320G HDD, additional $ 35;
* UK hosting and Ip price: a group of 8, $ 5/ per one, can only add by groups, number up to 128 IP;
* We provide 24-hour intrusion detection and troubleshooting;
* 24 hours free installation and database environment after-sales.
If you have other needs, please feel free to let us know, we provide all types of customer service.

Sherry Li

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