View Full Version : June Month Promotions from Datasoft Networks.

06-19-2015, 12:31 PM

These are our June Month Promotions.

1. $20 off on all 24 Core Dedicated Servers with 5 days free trial. (only for 5 days)
2. 5 Days free trail on all basic Cloud and Dedicated Servers.
3. 20% Price reduction in all Cloud Servers.
4. $99/M for all 6 iTel Mobile Dialers with Social Media Support in blocked areas.
5. Free Pronto and Video & Chat enabled Dialers with $59/M 8 Core 8 GB VoipSwitch Server.
6. 8 Core 8 GB iTelSwitch for $89/M.

Please visit www.datasoft.ws for more details.

Datasoft Networks