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06-02-2009, 03:59 PM
UnmeteredServers.com Tier1 BW $2.99/Mbit + 50% off First Month

UnmeteredServers.com is a new bandwidth blowout center. In these tough economic times we know everyone could stand to save a few bucks. Thatís why the people behind Reliable Servers have created this new brand. You get access to our top ranked Premium Network for rock bottom prices! This is an unmanaged service, should you require management please contact us.

So letís get down to what you get!

50% off your first month of service.
Non-Shared Port
Guaranteed Usage
/28 Ip Space Ė 11 Usable
Remote Reboot Port
200Gbit Premium Network Ė Level 3 / Nlayer / Tiscali / Dtag / Private Peering
(Ranked #1 for the Month of March by NetCraft)
24/7/365 Onsite support for Reboots / Reinstalls / Hardware Replacement

Dell 1425 Dual Xeon 3.0Ghz
2GB Ram
1x160GB Sata Drive
10Mbit Port - $99.99/Month (49.50 first month)

Dell 1425 Dual Xeon 3.0Ghz
4GB Ram
2x500GB Sata Drives HW Raid0/1

100Mbit Port - $299.99/Month (149.99 first month)
250Mbit Port - $749.99/Month (374.99 first month)
500Mbit Port Ė $1499.99/Month (749.99 first month)
750Mbit Port Ė $2249.99/Month (1124.99 first month)
1000Mbit Port - $2999.99/Month (1499.99 first month)

Cpanel $35/Month
Win2k3 Std $35/Month
Win2k8 Std $35/Month
On-Demand Support $55/hr

To get the 50% off please contact me directly.


Thank you,

aim: DavidHindman
ph: 973 849 0535 x527

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