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07-15-2015, 01:04 AM
My websites are crawled on May 15th. After that my websites are not crawled. May I know what is the reason

07-15-2015, 01:41 AM
Did you get some error message in webmaster account. Your website can either suffer a penalty or maybe there are crawl errors in the webpage that refuses crawlers to crawl through your page.

07-15-2015, 02:32 AM
You should check your site content and backlinks of that pages. you should change your site content. it will be helpful for your site to crawls the page.

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07-15-2015, 06:11 AM
Hi juliej!

Always check your content. Maybe you suffer a penalty or Google find out that you are disobeying their guidelines. You should have a website maintenance. You can check the guidelines. I provide the link below. :)


Hope it helps!

07-15-2015, 06:35 AM
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07-15-2015, 08:05 AM
If more crawl errors are present google stop to crawl so delete error pages and re upload in webmasters.

07-17-2015, 05:45 AM
Me to have the same problem. Please explain me in details.

07-21-2015, 11:46 AM
Try adding a sitemap with Google Webmaster Tools. It's free.
Good Luck