View Full Version : Spam Technique in seo?

07-15-2015, 03:33 PM
what are the spam methods in seo?

07-16-2015, 02:40 AM
The black hat methods are the spam methods used to build your keyword ranking faster in search engines. These methods can risk your website to search engine penalties. Some of the spam methods are:

Keyword stuffing
Link farms
Hidden text
Duplicate content

07-16-2015, 03:41 AM
Balck Hat SEO is also known as spam technique which I always recommend people not to do. Some Black hat SEO.

1. Doorway Pages
2. Buy or exchange link
3. Irrelevant link

07-16-2015, 04:03 AM
Nowadays it is really hard to experiment any kind of black hat techniques on websites because of frequent changes in the Google algorithm one might have to suffer alot and changes to get ban on Google search engine and decrease in ranking.

07-18-2015, 02:00 AM
Duplicate content is spam Technique in seo

07-18-2015, 02:11 AM
Copied Content, keyword stuffing, Hidden text, Buy or exchange link is the spam method in seo.

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07-18-2015, 05:17 AM
Never ever do any black hat technique. Will it really effect on ranking.

07-18-2015, 05:41 AM
In seo, spamdexing (also known as search engine spam, search engine poisoning, Black-Hat SEO, search spam or web spam) is the deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes.

Frank Morale
07-20-2015, 06:00 AM
Yes, Black hat method is known as spam technique. It contains Keyword stuffing, Link farms, Hidden text, Cloaking and Duplicate content.

07-21-2015, 11:03 AM
Please study White Hat SEO, you'll do better in the long run.
Good Luck