View Full Version : How to Secure an iTelswicth Server?

07-17-2015, 07:57 AM
1. Maintain daily Backups: Adopt a scheduled and disciplined approach in maintaining BACK UP of your database. Or take a Daily Database backup plan from us.
2. Follow full proof firewall practices: Maintaining a firewall and filtering the authentic traffic often requires daily configuration based on attacks.
3. In admin menu there is an option to allow only certain IPs to whitelist to allow login to admin area, please keep it configured. And block unwanted IPs in blacklist.
4. Use very secure passwords for all customers accounts or it may get PIN scanned and hacked. 90% of the hacking are happening by PIN scan attack.
6. Always use Strong and Secure Passwords for Admin login. When you give our Support Staff your password, make sure you change it immediately after your issue has been resolved.
7. Do regular server operating system upgrades.
8. Watch and block unwanted IP in firewall. Install ngrep utility and run it. Watch for any unwanted IP and block it in ghost. Add IP to firewall towards top as deny rule. Be very careful when adding deny rule, a wrong deny rule may disconnect your connection also to the server.
9. Run virus scan once in a while.
10. Get Network Protocol Analyzer installed. And monitor and analyse all traffic. Block any unwanted IP in webmin firewall.
11. Make sure SSH and webmin ports are changed to non-default ports and only your IP is allowed to access those ports.
12. Make sure all common attack ports are blocked in firewall.


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