View Full Version : The 30 days of deals Marathon @ iWeb; From Unbeatable Prices to Fully-Packed Servers!

06-11-2009, 12:32 PM
Limited time offer

The clock is ticking!

This june, iWeb will post a special offer every single day, for the entier month. The deals will range from unbeatable prices like $29/month servers to fully-packed servers with 10TB bandwidth.

Only 10 servers are available per day so be sure to check the promotion page every day and remember; once they are gone, they'rere not coming back!

Since almost everyone is using Twitter these days, we are also adding a special promotion just for Twitter users. Click on the Twitter area, which will update your status (you can send a Tweet), and we will give you a 2nd month FREE! Itís a sweet deal, again, and exclusively for Twitter users.

Now, get ready for the marathon, get your hands on one of these amazing deals!