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09-13-2015, 05:40 AM
Going to share what I learned today. ;)
Looking very much curious to know about this technique.
I know you would be serious for it.
I have seen people trying so hard to get backlinks from other quality sites but not all are getting what they want. So here I am going to share what I learned, The " Skyscraper Technique " which will help you to attract high authority natural backlinks.
This technique works on 3 steps.
Step-1: Find Link Worthy Content.
Step-2: Make something even much better.
Step-3: Reach Out to the right people.
So lets start with the 1st step.
Firstly You need to find content which can attract backlinks. Find Content with lots of social shares and natural backlinks.
Secondly, Now create content on the same topic BUT must remember that your article should be much better than that article. You have to write article with full of helpful and proven tips.
After publishing your link-able asset.
3rd step is " Reach Out to the right people ".
Now you need to contact those site authors who has already published the content related to your content. Check backlinks of that link-able asset using Moz OSE and then contact through email to those site owners and ask for the link.
If your content is more valuable and helpful then Your content will definitely attract links.
Skyscraper technique works on these 3 steps. To know more deeply about this technique, must check article here - http://backlinko.com/skyscraper-technique