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09-29-2015, 06:37 AM
What is Google Ad words?

09-29-2015, 07:48 AM
Google Adwords is the system Google has developed to assist you in marketing your products or services in the Google Search Engine, and its affiliate sites, via the use of a placed text ad that appears when people search for phrases related to your offering.

mani ge3e
09-29-2015, 08:36 AM
The search engine Google launched Search Plus Your World (SPYW) this week. What is Google's Search Plus Your World ( SPYW)? It really is a set of techniques to personalize search results for their search engine end-users, which also happen to give Google+ content a lot more play in search results.
A lot of users are not happy with this change including the giant social media site "Twitter". Google called their announcement "Search, plus your world". This is now the implementation between Google's core product, Web search, and Google plus.
Google's personal search would lean on Google plus and Picasa content but not Facebook and Twitter.
Why Google did this change to make users happy? Countless people think that big co-operations do always a smart move and win the competition game. The truth is sometimes a company or establishment crosses a line to the point they damage certain of their own customers and clients. Should we start to do certain antitrust investigation against Google? I presume countless social media sites will agree with this request including Twitter.
When google dropped the universal search results and began to redirecting to Google local, folks already turned to Bing. Today Google tries to monitize their Google plus, this is why they created this new game called "search plus your word)
Certain individuals simply don't like the idea of Google filling up their results with info based on who they know just because they know them, or content from Google+ just because it's from Google+.
What happened to Google? Why Google is not living up to the relevancy side of things?
A search engine should show the most relevant queries for users . That made Google popular and won them a lot of users.
When you look at Google+, you will see they have started to monetize it and put some ads beside their Google plus directory section! Google is trying really hard to increase the income. But the (SPYW ) will hurt them. people will lose trust and use Bing search engine and yahoo search engine more.

09-29-2015, 08:58 AM
Google Adwords is the system Google has developed to assist you in marketing your products or services in the Google Search Engine.

09-29-2015, 06:51 PM
AdWords (Google AdWords) is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads. The ad service is largely focused on keywords.

09-30-2015, 01:07 AM
Google adwords is a paid campaign tool used by Google to display ads in the SERP to drive more traffic to websites.

09-30-2015, 03:18 AM
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09-30-2015, 03:35 AM
Google Ad Words is an on-line advertising service that enables advertisers to compete to display brief advertising copy to web users, based in part on keywords, predefined by the advertisers, that might link the copy to the content of web pages shown to users.

09-30-2015, 04:06 AM
Google Adwords is a tool to promote your keywords and make your website popular in search engines. They help in paid campaigns to promote keywords and generate good traffic to your website.

10-01-2015, 02:28 AM
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Fadia Sheetal
10-01-2015, 02:57 AM
Google adwords is search engine tool through that you can promote your site in term of ppc

10-12-2015, 07:44 AM
With Google AdWords, you can reach people as they search for words or phrases (which we call keywords) or browse websites with themes related to your business. Your ad can appear on Google and its partner websites. With cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you're charged only when someone clicks your ad.

10-12-2015, 07:59 AM
Google AdWords is Google's search engine marketingn and advertising program. AdWords is currently the Internet's leading provider of pay-per-click advertising.

10-13-2015, 12:27 AM
Google AdWords is Google's advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google's search results. Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes money from search. This infographic will help you understand how AdWords works, detailing the AdWords auction, bidding process and explaining important factors like Quality Score and cost-per-click.

10-21-2015, 05:25 AM
Google Adword keyword tool is best for searching keywords relevant to your website or business. Also you can take help of Google search suggestions, because he gives most searchable results in suggestion.

Roselle Ciancio
10-21-2015, 06:08 AM
Google AdWords is an advertising service being rendered by google for the people who wish to display Ads on google and their advertising networks, Google AdWords enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click on Ads.