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10-21-2015, 04:26 AM
V&Web provides USA VPS hosting.
Safety、Fast and Powerful!

*Product Type: USA VPS-1 CPU: 1 Core RAM: 512MB
HDD: 10GB Traffic: 2000GB IP: 1 Price(monthly): 41/USD
*Product Type: USA VPS-2 CPU: 1 Core RAM: 1GB
HDD: 20GB Traffic: 4000GB IP: 1 Price(monthly): 63/USD
*Product Type: USA VPS-3 CPU: 2 Core RAM: 2GB
HDD: 30GB Traffic: 8000GB IP: 1 Price(monthly): 82/USD
*Product Type: USA VPS-4 CPU: 2 Core RAM: 4GB
HDD: 60GB Traffic: 16000GB IP: 1 Price(monthly): 99/USD

Letswin Technology USA VPS advantages:
* Professional USA VPS providers;
* Do not have to put a record for your sites, unmetered traffic, unrestricted usage; * Real-time delivery, 7 * 24-hour interrupted data center service;
* USA standard DC, more favorable offers for quarterly payment;
* Quality, service, price, three major advantages, the strength of witness;
* Running independently with exclusive bandwidth;
* Environment support, Letswin provides 24-hour environment installation (free installation of PHP, MySQL, etc) and support after sales.;
* Independent and exclusive Ip, free reverse lookup.

Please come to V&Web, we are your best choice!


Sherry Li

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