View Full Version : Tips for an effective Server/Database Disaster Recovery process

10-23-2015, 09:12 AM
Most of the small medium enterprises do not have an established long term disaster recovery strategy. Disaster recovery is a form of insurance to protect your IT assets when a disaster strikes, and disasters are unpredictable. Especially for important assets like servers it is important that we ensure their availability when required without any discrepancy. In this scenario following few simple steps can ensure high availability. Here is how we can adopt few PREVENTATIVE measures that will save us from being REACTIVE;

1. Maintain BACK UP’s: Adopt a scheduled and disciplined approach in maintaining BACK UP of our important IT assets, even if they are virtual assets in the form of cloud servers and databases.

2. Be prepared, rely on your technically skilled employees and knowledge base: Employing skilled personnel, who can manage your virtual assets in the event of disasters and help recover your important data is vital to any organization. This will ensure that people with sound knowledge and access to rich knowledge base, will be able to guide you to resource availability at times when they are most needed if a disaster strikes.

3. Follow fool proof firewall practices: Maintaining a firewall and filtering the authentic traffic often requires manual intervention. A rigid firewall policy would mean inaccessible data and resources. Remember, disaster can strike in any form including via an external hack attack on your IT assets.

4. Add to your redundant resources in terms of hardware. E.g. having a second hard drive ready to be used, in which your backed up data resides.

5. Protect your selves from malicious attacks caused by over flooded traffic to your virtual assets. E.g. Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) protection, yes prevention is always better than cure.

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