View Full Version : Learn the differences between Hard Disk Drive and RAIN enabled Solid State Drive

10-24-2015, 05:47 AM
Cloud service providers always are on the race to provide the best and latest of technologies to provide better performing and faster cloud servers. And newer technologies come at a price and are mostly expensive. However, only few cloud service providers of both public, private and virtualized dedicated servers are successful in offering enterprise grade latest technologies for its customers. Datasoft is proud to be one of the first few service providers, who has pioneered in offering enterprise grade services to its individual customers at affordable price.
The latest addition to its list of newer technologies other than independent or individual firewalls for all the private/public cloud servers, is that of an enterprise grade RAIN enabled SSD’s on which the private/public cloud servers run on.

Most of the Cloud service providers rely on using SATA HDD (aka Serial ATA interfaced Hard Disk Drives) which was introduced in the year as early as 2001 for their cloud servers. This was mainly because SATA HD were cheaper and extended the required average speed and performance. SATA HDD which functions with 3000-4000 Input Output Per second (IOPS) were optimal enough to meet the need at much lower price for most of the individual customers.

With increasing virtualization and more prominent use of cloud servers and applications, even individual users of cloud servers wanted their cloud servers to process data and run applications at much faster speed also, with improved performance.

RAIN denotes Redundant Array of Independent NAND. And SSD’s (Solid State Drive) that rely on NAND flash Memory functioning in a way similar to RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) extended much faster Input Output Per second (IOPS) to process the data, RAIN enabled SSD’s extends close to 90,000 IOPS which means almost 20 times faster cloud servers. That is LOT OF SPEED!

At Datasoft (www.datasoft.ws) we use superior Enterprise class SSD’s which are enabled by the latest RAIN Technology for running our private/public cloud servers. Customers using dedicated servers also have an option for upgrade from SATA HDD to RAIN enabled SSD’s to improve the performance and speed of their servers.

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