View Full Version : Is Virtual Desktop a good solution for you?

10-26-2015, 10:33 PM
Are you finding it difficult to carry your heavy Laptop around?

STOP carrying your laptop around anymore! You can say NO to laptops and hurdles to carry them around. Virtual desktops allow you to have that additional advantage of ANY TIME...ANY WHERE access to your work and personal files. Just with any internet-enabled devices such as tablets or smartphones with a HTML5 browser you access your Virtual Desktop and work from anywhere as long as you are connected to internet. Yes...Datasoft Virtual Desktops extend you that extra MOBILITY.

Did you forget your pen drive with presentation? Want to prepare and give a quick presentation?

NO Worries!!! With your virtual Desktop extended by Datasoft, you can access your presentation files and get going with either preparing presentation or giving a live presentation in a matter of minutes. Datasoft’s Virtual Desktops are loaded with Microsoft Office Productivity applications such as MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint enabling you to stop worrying about forgotten pen drives and last minute rush to give presentations. Yes....Datasoft Virtual Desktops increase your PRODUCTIVITY.

Are you stuck in TRAFFIC or at an AIRPORT With just your internet enabled Tablet or Smartphone?

NO problem!!! Datasoft Virtual Desktops literally allow you to work from anywhere and any place as long as you have your internet-enabled Tablet or Smartphone handy. With touch screen functionality enabled it is easier for you to work in any environment. Yes...Datasoft Virtual Desktops gives you FLEXIBILITY to literally work from your car when you are stuck in Traffic blocks while on the road.

Are you having licensing and update issues on New OS? Are you owning expensive Software Applications OR paying heavy License Fees?

NO more headaches!!! Purchasing expensive licenses for your operating system and productivity applications can be a drain on your pockets. Renewals, constant updates can be time consuming and a headache that you want to overcome. Yes...Datasoft Virtual Desktops gives you the RELIABILITY to depend on your Virtual Desktops as they come PRE-LOADED with latest Operating Systems and applications without you having to pay that extra fee for licensing. Save time on installing these expensive operating systems and applications which normally takes you 8-10 hours.

The scenarios when Datasoft Virtual Desktops comes to your rescue are many. The EASE and the PRICE with which virtual desktops help to transform your everyday life will help you save that extra time you need for your loved ones. With SSL secure logins to every key strokes you make completely encrypted Datasoft Virtual Desktops also help you to enjoy that additional SECURITY you and your desktops deserve.

Visit https://datasoft.ws/windows_virdesk.php and grab your virtual desktop now.... with prices starting at just $29/month. Introductory offer for a limited time!!!

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