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11-06-2015, 04:23 AM
Netherlands Dedicated Server

Leasedlayer owns large stocks of high quality servers, racks and network equipments ready to deploy for our customers. Our Servers support major operating systems which include Windows Server or Linux Operating Systems. All our servers come with top notch network quality and hardware support, which includes no additional charges.
* Fast Connectivity - Get Premium And Volume Network Lines.
* Active 24/7 Support - Experts available for your assistance
* Most Reliable - Bare Metal Server with 99.9% uptime
* State-of-the-Art - TIER III+ Datacenter
Setup Time: 1-5 Working Days
Test IP / Test Bin Files: / 1000MB (

Choose some of our Products:

Type: Base Servers:

Server: HP DL120G6
Intel G6950
Storage: 4x500GB SATA2
Port: 100Mbps
Traffic: Unmetered
Price: 40.99/month

Type: Premium Servers:

Server: HP DL120G6
Processor: Intel G6950
Storage: 4x500GB SATA2
Traffic: Metered
Port: 100TB
Price: 51.99/month

Type: Mega Servers:

Server: Dell R210-II
Processor: Intel G530
Storage: 2x1TB SATA2
Port: 1Gbps
Traffic: Unmetered
Price: 449.99/month

Visit for More Information (https://www.leasedlayer.com/netherlands-dedicated-servers)

1. +500 GB HDD --> 10.00 /mo.
2. +2048 MB RAM --> 5.00 /mo.
3. +1 IP --> 3.00 /mo.
4. +1 Gbps PORT --> 20.00 /mo.

Operating System:
1. Linux Operating Systems --> Free
2. Windows 2008R2 Web --> 20.00 /mo.
3. Windows 2008R2 Standard --> 25.00 /mo.
4. Windows 2008R2 Enterprise --> 75.00

Control Panels:
1. cPanel/WHM Panel --> 27.00/mo.
2. Direct Admin Panel --> 28.00/mo.
3. Plesk Control panel(10 Domains)* --> 9.00/mo.
4. Plesk Control panel(100 Domains)* --> 27.00/mo.
5. Plesk Control panel(Unlimited Domains)* --> 37.00/mo.

More Features you get with plans:

1. FULL ROOT ACCESS: Full Root/Administrator Access over the entire OS. Install any application you need.
2. CUSTOMIZABLE PLATFORM: Customize your server configuration anytime with very minimal downtime.
3. DEDICATED IP: Get 1 IPv4 address and /64 IPv6 Range absolutely free with your server
4. CONTROL PANEL OPTIONS:Choice of cPanel, Directadmin, Plesk or No Control Panel
5. CHOICE OF OS:Choice of Major Linux Distros and Windows Server Operating Systems available.
6. REMOTE CONTROL PANE: Self Service Control panel for OS Reload, RDNS, Traffic Stats, Reboot, Stop, Boot Server

Help Support:
* Providing Friendly and Very Knowledgeable support to all clients queries.
* LeasedLayer has a Highly Experienced and Qualified Sales/Technical Support Staff.
* LeasedLayer Staff are available 24/7 throughout the year.

Payment Methods:
Paypal | Payza | Perfect Money | Skrill

Quick Support Methods:
E-mail| |Live Support| |Phone Support| Skype id: Leasedlayer

We hope you will consider buying from us. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us.