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11-10-2015, 04:56 AM
Hong Kong DYX data center focuses on the stability of the network environment, security of business data transmission and storage, and performance of network bandwidth and overall effectiveness. Continuous introduction of new technology enhances its service quality. 12 IDC service locations in Hong Kong and other districts in China offer fast businesses enterprise-level bandwidth services and added value management services. As the backbone and engine data center around the front line in a separate operation, does not need to rely entirely on partners, can be launched in mainland China, a quick synchronization technology, maintaining a high quality of service. Frontline DYX safe data center amenities data centers available as well as high quality.

Hong Kong DYX DC-1U
Cabinet specification 42U;
Width: 600mm;
Depth: 960mm;
Laminate: 1;
Monthly price: 82USD;
Cabnet fee+Bandwidth fee+setup fee=50USD