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11-11-2015, 04:07 AM
Hong Kong DYX Introduction

Hong Kong DYX data center focuses on the stability of the network environment, security of business data transmission and storage, and performance of network bandwidth and overall effectiveness. Frontline DYX safe data center amenities data centers available as well as high quality.
* Full support monthly , NO deposit, NO setup fees, NO hidden fees;
* the area closest to mainland China, PING value is stable. Ping value in Guangdong province is slightly over 10;
* 24x7x365 hour technical support. Testing IP:

DYX data center
*Product Type: HK dedicated-1 CPU: E5200 Memory: 2G HDD: 160G Bandwidth: 3Mbps IP: 1 Price: Monthly : US$164 / Quarterly: US$460/ Annually: US$1640

*Product Type: HK dedicated-2 CPU: Q8400 Memory: 4G HDD: 320G Bandwidth: 3Mbps IP: 1 Price: Monthly : US$230/ Quarterly: US$623/ Annually: US$2296

*Product Type: HK dedicated-3 CPU: i5-2400 Memory: 4G HDD: 500G Bandwidth: 3Mbps IP: 1 Price: Monthly : US$279/ Quarterly: US$755/ Annually: US$2787

*Product Type: HK dedicated-4 CPU: i7-2600 Memory: 8G HDD: 500G Bandwidth: 3Mbps IP: 1 Price: Monthly : US$345/ Quarterly: US$902/ Annually: US$3279

*Product Type: HK dedicated-5 CPU: Xeon E5410*2 Memory: 8G HDD: 500G Bandwidth: 3Mbps IP: 1 Price: Monthly : US$492/ Quarterly: US$1328/
Semiannually: US$2164/ Annually: US$3935

Hong Kong DYX Server Hosting Notice:

* Our packages: 5M, 10M. Large bandwidth clients please contact our online support for a better price;
* HK DYX data center IP, 100/per on/per month;
* Hong Kong DYX provides co-location services. Please contact online customer service for price details;
* We provide 24 hours detection of internet attack processing and troubleshooting;
* We provide 24-hour free installation of database environment after sales.
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