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11-13-2015, 09:42 AM
Protecting your valuable Website , Data and services running on your servers holds utmost priority and is important to all our customers. With this objective in mind we have remained in sync with our customer needs and excited to announce introduction of Exclusive Firewall Protection server services for your own servers either hosted within your premises, With us OR With other service providers.

Our 100% NAT based all ports redirection Firewall protection service features:-

* All ports redirection service with Firewall Protected NAT Server IP to your Server IP.
* Built-In Firewall on NAT Server with fully configurable Firewall Protection Service.
* Traffic Monitoring Pages to view Bandwidth usage IPs and Ports connected & to view other Internet usage details.
* SSL Support on Port 443 or on any Other Port. Which effectively passes SSL traffic with full protection.
* Kindly Note VOIP, Chat & other Similar Session based application is not supported by NAT Server

Protection that is 100% NAT based: - Our Firewall Protection is 100% NAT based with exclusive external server based Firewall Protection to safeguard your website, Data and services.

Affordable Easy to deploy package:- Our customers have the unique advantage of choosing from very affordable , easy to deploy and month to month Firewall protection plans starting at only $19/mo

Visit External Firewall Solutions page https://datasoft.ws/firewall.php and learn more about our exclusive Firewall Protection plans.