View Full Version : 100M dedicated and unmeter bandwidth , xeon servers in US are in promotion now !!!

11-26-2015, 02:09 AM
try to contact us , we provide servers that are unmeter bandwidth, and you can get

26% of the folloing servers .
our email: support@lucn.us
skype: lucn.us sales
our website : www.lucn.us
Xeon E5504,8GB DDR3/ECC,146GB SAS 15K ,5IP ,100M dedicated ,$199.96

Xeon E5506,8GB DDR3/ECC,146GB SAS 15K,5IP ,100M dedicagted,:$288.15

XeonL54202,16GB,2TB SATA,5IP ,100M dedicated,$299.00

Xeon E5520,8GB DDR3/ECC,300GB SAS 15K,5IP ,100M dedicated,$345.58

Xeon E5620,12GB DDR3/ECC,300GB SAS 15K ,5IP ,100M dedicated,$375.00

E55062,12GB DDR3/ECC,2146GB SAS 15K /RAID1,5IP ,100M dedicated,$387.74

Xeon E55202,12GB DDR3/ECC,2300GB SAS 15K /RAID1,5IP ,100M dedicated,$431.60

Xeon E56202,12GB DDR3/ECC内存,2300GB SAS 15K /RAID1,5IP ,100M dedicated,$451.60