View Full Version : How deep understanding of hosting room in the usa

Edison thomas
12-10-2015, 04:04 AM
Main hosting room:KT,FDC,EZ,SK,HE,UB,VPB,PS,HG,ST,CD,etc.
The post begin with KT.
1.Intro for kt
KT room location located in the United States in California, is one of nearest rooms from USA to China. Therefore KT room has become a recognized fastest colocation.
2.Features of kt
the value of ping,200MS is higher than the rest of USA hosting room.
Begin with 2009,KT made adjustment for price.now kt is very popular in all class of webmaster.
c.Configuration of server up to customers themselves.
d.five ip range below - - - -
Due to time,I cant tell you more details for KT Or the hosting room.If you want further,you can add me skype edisonthomaskt or leave your skype or eamil in order to send more information about hosting room.