View Full Version : Its year end! Explore Virtual Computing with FREE TRIAL**

12-12-2015, 01:02 AM
Getting an opportunity to try before we use...... is certainly a blessing before we make a purchase decision. At Datasoft we understand this need especially when our customers seek to 'Test our servers and Try our services' for a limited 5 Day trial period.

Special Offers –

* Only $1 per core per GB! 4 core 4 GB SSD Cloud server at just US $8/month
* ITELSWITCH Plus cloud server at only US$89/month - for 100 concurrent calls
* ITELDIALER + BYTESAVER @ $99/month if availed with our ITELSWITCH

We are also excited to announce more additions to our line of offerings..And in line with this newer offerings, we are happy to extend 5 Days free trial on all our Server Offerings and Services*.
(Please note that add-ons and additional configuration options for existing accounts and additional accounts do not qualify for 5 days free Trial Offer)

Do not hesitate to place an order for any of our offerings be it a Cloud Server or a Dedicated Server** on https://www.datasoft.ws with privilege to use them for FREE with 5 days’ time to test before you pay.

If you are not satisfied, you may choose to discontinue the order after 5 days, with no questions asked.

Datasoft Unique Advantages

A. Datasoft offers services with NO CONTRACT commitment required their customers. Most service providers who offer hosting and cloud services require the customers to sign up for ONE year thus limiting their freedom.

B. Datasoft Offers services which are based on MONTHLY BILLING prepayment. This helps Datasoft customers to have enough financial freedom with funds available for their other commercial purposes.

C. Unmatched and Unbeatable LOW PRICING. Datasoft offers services which are easy on their customer’s pockets. Not only does Datasoft offer its main services at lower prices, but also add on configuration and custom solutions are offered at very affordable prices.

D. Datasoft’s 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT always ensure that its customers have peace of mind by offering SMART (Solution Matching Average Response Time) support, which is most of the times, less than an hour.

E. Datasoft customers enjoy services which are offered using SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY AND HARDWARE. The inventory of superior technology, Hardware and Legacy applications allows the Datasoft customer to not only enjoy the latest Technologies but also afford it at a very low price.

Need more reasons to become a Datasoft Customer? Take our 5 day FREE TRIAL** visit www.datasoft.ws