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12-28-2015, 07:19 AM
Hello Everyone,

A professional server that is perfectly suitable for your projects and activities!

Virtual servers from Hostiserver are a hot stuff, book yourself a high-quality and reliable SSD VPS/VDS for your needs and make your sites "fly"

Most popular virtual servers on SSD:

VDS/VPS (USA/Netherlands) - SSD-20/CPU 2.5GHz/2GB RAM/25GB SSD/2TB/1ip/ for as low as $20

VDS/VPS (USA/Netherlands) - SSD-30/CPU 2.5GHz/3GB RAM/40GB SSD/3TB/1ip/ for as low a managed $30

VDS/VPS (USA/Netherlands) - SSD-45/CPU 2.5GHz/4GB RAM/55GB SSD/4TB/2ip/ managed for as low a $45

VDS/VPS (USA/Netherlands) - SSD-70/2xCPU 2.5GHz/8GB RAM/100GB SSD/5TB/2ip/ managed for as low a $70

Most popular virtual servers on SATA:

VDS/VPS (USA/Netherlands) VDS-35/CPU 1.7GHz/1GB RAM/50GB HDD/1Tb/2ip/Managed for as low a $35

VDS/VPS (USA/Netherlands) VDS-50/CPU 3.4GHz/2GB RAM/100GB HDD/2Tb/2ip/Managed for as low a $50

VDS/VPS (USA/Netherlands) VDS-90/2xCPU 3.4GHz/4GB RAM/200GB HDD/5Tb/2ip/Managed for as low a $90

Contact us today for your order or if you have any questions.

01-04-2016, 04:10 AM
Happy New Year Everyone!

Looking for a super fast server for your projects?

Check out below:

E3- 1230V3
2x750GB SATA + 1X256GB SSD (Samsung SSD 850 PRO)
10TB Bandwidth
1GB/s Uplink
2 IPv4
IPv6 for FREE
Location: USA
250GB - free backup included!
For as low as $130 Per month!

Call us now and we give you a 10% off