View Full Version : Taiwan 100Mbps Dedicated Server-Best choice for download station, games sites.

01-14-2016, 06:01 AM
Letswin Telecom, the first Taiwan IDC service providers! New Taiwan 100Mbps shared lines, Taiwan's largest Telecom-Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom lines, fast connectivity to the mainland, ping value between 30-80, 99% connectivity uptime, Taiwan 100Mbps server bandwidth of upload/download speed could be up to 80%-90% per cent. Letswin Telecom provides Taiwan 100M bandwidth server, dedicated bandwidth guarantee, quality line, highest cost-performance.

E2200/2GB/160GB/100Mbps Shared/1ip/173USD/month

E5200/2GB/160GB/100Mbps Shared/1ip/197USD/month

Q8400/4GB/320GB/100Mbps Shared/1ip/230USD/month

Q9400/4GB/500GB/100Mbps Shared/1ip/263USD/month

More details please contact us.


Email:info@letswin.cn & sales2@letsidc.com