View Full Version : Taiwan 400Mbps Dedicated Server

01-20-2016, 05:00 AM
V&Web provides new added products: Taiwan 400Mbps dedicated server, which adopts Taiwan’s largest Telecom-Taiwan HiNet lines with high-quality, reliability and high speed.V&Web sell the 400Mbps port bandwidth server with low cost in the case of the bandwidth is high cost as an inch of land, an inch of gold in Taiwan.

i5-2400/4GB/500GB/400Mbps dedicated/1IP/720USD/month

i7-3400/8GB/1TB/400Mbps dedicated/1IP/753USD/month

E3-1230/16GB/1TB/400Mbps dedicated/1IP/768USD/month

E5-2620V3/16GB/1TB/400Mbps dedicated/1IP/940USD/month

More details please contact us.


Email:info@letswin.cn & sales2@letsidc.com