View Full Version : Argentina Dedicated Server support your South America business.

01-21-2016, 03:41 AM
V&Web provides Argentina dedicated server with high quality services and Data Center solutions with the following benefits: high performance, safety, maximum speed and availability, stability, ease maintenance and support specialists.Our mission is focus to that the client get the most advanced solutions and tools to be at the top in a constantly evolving technology market, and thereby achieve its goals.

ATOM 4/4GB/500GB/4Mbps dedicated/1IP/164USD/month

Q8400/8GB/2x500GB/3.5Mbps dedicated/1IP/181USD/month

G550/8GB/2x500GB/4Mbps dedicated/1IP/197USD/month

Q9400/8GB/2x1TB/3.5Mbps dedicated/1IP/213USD/month

More details please contact us.


Email:info@letswin.cn & sales2@letsidc.com