View Full Version : Tips to Set up your Reliable and Fully Fail-proof Cpanel Server

01-24-2016, 02:18 AM
Our Cpanel Cloud servers starting from just $23/Month feature a variety of advantages that gives an upper edge to set up a reliable Cpanel service which is Fully Fail-proof. Our Cpanel cloud servers come with:-

* Cpanel control panel, which is the most advanced control panel.
* Softaculous which is a great Auto Installer having 354 great scripts, 1115 PHP Classes.
* Backed with RAIN (Reduntant Array of Independent NAND) SSD's which are of enterprise grade and 10 times Faster than normal Drives.
* Easy, Manageable Control Panel for your Cloud Server.
* 24/7 E-mail and Chat Support.
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Easy steps to follow and set up a Full Fail-proof Cpanel Server

A. Add the Daily Full Server back up service at just $9/month - This will ensure that you have Daily back up of your full server at your call without missing one file which may be required to recover your Cpanel server in a matter of just few minutes with fewer mouse clicks.

The customers who choose daily full server back up option can restore the previous back up in less than 15 minutes time. Get your Server up an running in 15 minutes even if server gets crashed. This feature is extremely useful even in cases where your servers may get hacked.

B. Choose the right customer support to get expert help with maintaining your Cpanel Server :-

1. 24/7 standard Server support - FREE - This the basic level of support includes only Server & Linux Support, and excludes Cpanel support.

2. 24/7 Standard Cpanel Support - $9/Month - This level of support includes Cpanel support to fix any Cpanel related issues,and also includes features of Basic standard Server and Linux Support.

3. 24/7 Premium Cpanel Configuration Support - $49/Month - This advanced and expert level of support includes 24/7 Cpanel issue fixing, Cpanel Configuration support, including firewall setup and securing the Cpanel server, it also includes Basic Standard Server and Linux Support.

Learn more at https://datasoft.ws/cpanel_advantage.php

Few Tips to Secure your Cpanel Server
1. Install Webmin Firewall
2. Change SSH port to non-default port
3. Enable cPHulk Brute Force Protection.
4. Whitelist customer IPs.
5. Set values to low for maximum protection from hacking.
6. Set Max Hourly Emails limit to 5 to stop spamming.
7. Enable Spam filtering.