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02-01-2016, 03:30 AM
VPB.COM - Cloud VPS Hosting - Dedicated Hosting - 24/7 Support Service, Web Panels & IP's all available - Locations Worldwide
Scalable, High Performance, Affordable, Worldwide locations

Visit: VPB (http://www.vpb.com/promotion.p hp?fuid=269)
Follow us on Twitter: @VPBHosting

Custom specs available upon request.

- Free snapshot backups
- Free NAS Storage included in all plans
- Permanent HTML5 KVM Console
- Enterprise Flash cached SSD Arrays
- HP Blade enterprise servers
- Powered by XEN Hypervisor Orchestrated by OnApp.
- Firewall: Every Cloud VPS you purchase includes a comprehensive and powerful platform based firewall.
- Gigabit private LAN between servers and between servers and NAS storage at no additional cost.
- Worldwide locations , direct peering to USA, China, EU available
- 100% Uptime on Hardware and Network Connectivity

Cloud Server-Plan 2: $14.99 / month - Buy Now (http://www.vpb.com/promotion.p hp?fuid=269)