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MSP - NIck
02-04-2016, 01:30 AM
All from MyServerPlanet – Across the USA, in 4 locations, LA, New York, Dallas and Chicago – These deals are brought to exclusively from us. Setup from 48 hours either on IPMI or an OS installed for you. – All come with 10TB bandwidth, all come with 1Gbit ports with 5 IPs!

We have vastly configurable options for you from 2x120GB SSD or, 32GB ram. All at the great low prices that we will be giving you today – and let’s not exclude the IPv4’s at fantastically low pricing!

You can now:
Turn on/off
Set rDNS
Check your IP allocation

Directly, from your MyServerPlanet Client area! Get in now -- secure your savings and a better future with us!

We have some fantastic deals for you to enjoy today!

CPU:E3-1240v2 @ 3.40GHz
RAM:32GB Ram
2x500GB SSD
10TB Bandwidth
IPs:/29 (5 IP's)

Ordering today? We’ll throw a /28 in free of charge! That’s a total of 18 IP addresses hooked to your device!

$99/month (recurring discount!)
Where can I sign up?


looking for a SSD cached system for storage/reliability?

We have a low cost system that includes what you need! We are calling it the Atom Bomb! This deal will explode within 5 days! (or while stock lasts)

Intel® Atom™ C2758 (8 Cores)
1x1TB + 120GB SSD
8GB Ram
10TB bandwidth
/29 5 IP’s
$60/mo (Recurring discount!)


MyServerPlanet Ltd