View Full Version : What is vertical search ?

02-29-2016, 04:25 AM
Hello folks,

I have heard some where about Vertical Search?

I wanted to know what exactly vertical search is ???

02-29-2016, 06:21 AM
A vertical search engine as distinct from a general web search engine, focuses on a specific segment of online content. They are also called specialty or topical search engines. The vertical content area may be based on topicality, media type, or genre of content.

02-29-2016, 08:34 AM
Vertical search engines aim at people interested in a particular area and enable ad companies to target very focused audiences.

03-01-2016, 01:24 AM
A vertical search engine may charge more per ad than a general, or "horizontal," search engine. People want relevancy, and the more horizontal search they do, the more they tire of wading through pages of surplus to requirements material.