View Full Version : How to Drive Traffic from Facebook?

05-09-2016, 02:32 PM
How to Drive Traffic from Facebook?

05-10-2016, 01:42 AM
you can promote your article or press release through Facebook and by this way you can get good traffic.

05-10-2016, 02:39 AM
Make Your Images Big
Make your Updates Short
Ask Questions
Use a Short Quote From Your Blog
Skip the Link

05-10-2016, 02:47 AM
You can run paid campaign with facebook.

12-12-2016, 02:42 AM
These are few tips to promote & get traffic from Facebook -

Promote Your Facebook Page On Your Other Social Networks.
Link to your website or blog in the “About” box on your Facebook Page.
Tell Your Email List About It.
Post Multiple Times Per Day.
Use Facebook Advertising.
Use video to get more exposure for your blog.