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05-13-2016, 02:39 AM
:cool: We Proudly Support: Cpane (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/)l, SolusVM (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/), Plesk (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/), Plain Servers (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/), Windows Servers (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/), Website Panel (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/) and Cloud Control Panels (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/) .

24x7technicalsupport.net (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/): When you are probably too busy growing your business at that time its we who support your Hosting Business (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/) by provinding 24x7 technical support (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/). We make sure that your servers have 99.9% of uptime. 24x7technicalsupport.net (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/) is the team of highly qualified technical staff who are Industry recognized and Internationally Certified who provides you support via live chat and tickets for 24x7/ 365 days. (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/)

To deal with Us: :D
Mail us: sales@24x7technicalsupport.net
Live Chat: Chat Now (https://www.livehelp.website/chat.php?ws=d3d3LjI0eDd0ZWNobmljYWxzdXBwb3J0Lm5ldA ==&acid=bbb50)
Skype: tecsysindia

Below are your Server Managements Plans:


Cpanel Server Management (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/): $29/Month/server
Server Security and Harderning (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/): $49/one time charges
VPS Server Management (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/): $29/Month/server
Plesk Server Managemen (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/)t: $34/Month/server
DirectAdmin Server Management (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/): $34/Month/server
SolusVM Management (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/): $69/month (Includes One master and One Slave)
Windows Server Management (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/): $49/month/server (with or without control panel)
Plain Server Management (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/) : $49/month/server
Cloud Management (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/) : Starts @ $99/node
Custom Cloudstack Setups (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/): Starting @ $299
Custom Load Balanced Setups (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/): Starting @ $99/node

All Plans include 24x7 Monitoring (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/) coverage worth $10.99/month without any cost.
We also specialize in application server management (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/) for Jboss/Tomcat as well as ready to use Cloudstack/Openstack Setups and other tailor made setups.
Signup Now (https://www.24x7technicalsupport.net/)!!

24x7TechnicalSupport.net (http://24x7technicalsupport.net/) at a glance:

Experienced and Certified Systems Administrators and Technical Staff.
24x7 Real Manned presence for helpdesk and live chat support.
Server Management Services for CPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, SolusVM and Plain Linux and Windows Servers as well.
Free Server Monitoring with All server management plans.
Top Notch and Professional Office Setup.

"Dont Forget to mention the name of forum while dealing with us"

To deal with Us: :o
Mail us: sales@24x7technicalsupport.net
Live Chat: Chat Now (https://www.livehelp.website/chat.php?ws=d3d3LjI0eDd0ZWNobmljYWxzdXBwb3J0Lm5ldA ==&acid=bbb50)
Skype: tecsysindia

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