View Full Version : Is it necessary to use Robots.txt?

05-18-2016, 07:23 AM

My question is, Is it necessary to use Robots.txt?

Jennifer Martin
05-18-2016, 07:34 AM
Yes, every website need to have either Robots.txt file or use robots tag in each and every individual page. It is used to tell search engine, which all pages of the website need to be crawled.

Also it is advisable to include XML sitemap URL at the end of robots file.

05-20-2016, 02:14 AM
It is not important use robots. txt file but it is advisable to use it, if there is any page on your websites which you don't want search engine to crawl. Robots.txt also improves better indexing for the website.

05-20-2016, 02:30 AM
Yes robots.txt file is important. The robots.txt file as instructions on where they are allowed to crawl (visit) and index (save) on the search engine results.*****Robots.txt*****files are useful: If you want search engines to ignore any duplicate pages on your website

01-25-2017, 04:30 AM
Use of Robots.txt -
The most common usage of Robots.txt is to ban crawlers from visiting private folders or content that gives them no additional information.

Robots.txt Allowing Access to Specific Crawlers.
Allow everything apart from certain patterns of URLs.

01-25-2017, 12:22 PM
Yes Robots.txt is a text file that lists webpages which contain instructions for search engines robots. The file lists webpages that are allowed and disallowed from search engine crawling.