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09-07-2009, 05:46 PM

Spread the word! To commemorate its opening, Host The Best (http://www.hostthebest.com) is offering some absolutely last-day summer specials. For the first two weeks of September all software and scripts will be discounted at 40%. That is right, you heard right -- 40% discount on all scripts and software.

Here are some of the software on sale:

Customer Software
This software is Branded or with HostTheBest Name:

HTB Submitter 3.0
HTB Link Status 1.0
HTB eMailer Protector 2.0 (We can branded this with your company name also)
HTB Article Submitter 1.0 (We can branded this with your company name also)
HTB Remote Backup 3.6
HTB I.E. Blaster 1.0 with your Branded or standard HostTheBest name
HTB Webbrowser 1.0 with your Brande or standard HostTheBest name

Brandable Software
These software you can make as many Brands to your customers and charge a small fee OR offer for FREE as promotion:

HTB WebBrowser Branded Tools 1.1
HTB IE Blaster Branded Tools 1.1
HTB Popup Blocker Branded Tools 1.1

These scripts run on a Domain Name:

HTB Monitoring Script 4.8.2
HTB DB Backup Manager 1.1
HTB Online Storage 3.1.1
Domain Tracker 1.1
Peer Always Ad 2.0
Download Meter 1.1

Reseller members get an additional 15% off the price they already receive.

You can place you orders now by clicking here (https://www.hostthebest.com/members/cart.php)

We continue to develop and improve the software based on your feedback. Just drop by our forums to see the active community we have and the responsiveness to our users requests and suggestions.

To get this 40% discount, you must use this discount code, summer, when you order. If you do not use this discount code when you order, you will NOT get the 40% off. Please remember to use the discount when you order.

To place an order, please clicking here (https://www.hostthebest.com/members/cart.php) and don't forget to enter discount code, summer, when you place your order.

Chat with us through live support, or send in a ticket, or if you would like more information, go to www.htbforums.com

There you will find all your questions answered.