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09-02-2016, 09:28 AM
TrunkSpace Hosting (https://www.trunkspacehosting.com/) offer Bronze OpenVZ and KVM servers hosted in Utah. We accept the following methods of payment: PayPal, Stripe, Bitcoin, PaymentWall and bank transfer. We also encourage users to read their Terms of Service (https://www.trunkspacehosting.com/tos.html) prior to signing up with them.

Bronze VPS Plan
– 1 CPU Core @ 2.00+ GHz
– 1GB DDR3 Memory (2GB Burstable)
– Full Root Access
– 25GB Disk Space
– 1000GB Bandwidth
– OpenVZ or KVM
– $3.96 per month using code LEBJULAUG2016
Order Links
KVM OpenVZ (https://www.trunkspacehosting.com/vps-hosting?language=english)

Node specifications
OpenVZ Node
– Dual Xeon L5639 (12-Core)
– 96GB RAM
– 1x 120GB SSD
– 1x 2TB HDD
KVM Node
– Dual Xeon L5630 (8-Core)
– 96GB RAM
– 1x 160GB SSD
– 1x 2TB HDD

As these servers don’t have multiple drives configured in RAID we suggest very strongly that you take regular backups of your files.

GorillaServers – Ogden, Utah
Test IPv4:
SpeedTest: http://gorillaservers-ogd.speedtest.net/
Test file: http://ogd1-speedtest.gorillaservers.com/1gb.bin

As always please let us know your experiences with them in the comments below.