View Full Version : APC Hosting Offers New Exciting Domain Extensions

09-20-2016, 10:19 PM
Get a memorable name that tells your visitors what your site is all about with new domain extensions. We offer hundreds of TLDs such as .live, .family, .rocks, .photography, .tech, .cafe, and many more such as those listed below.

To register for a domain, please visit our website here: https://www.apc.sg/domain-names-registration.php. If the domain extension you are interested in is not listed, you may contact us at 6715-1550 or email sales@apc.sg.

These are some of the available domain extensions which you can sign up:
.app .baby .bar .book .buy .cam .cars .charity .food .mobile .music .now .spa .wow .academy .accountant .accountants .actor .adult .agency .amsterdam .apartments .army . associates .attorney .auction .audio . auto .autos .band .barcelona .bargains .bayern .beer .berlin .best .bet .bid .bike .bingo .bio .black .blackfriday .blog .blue .boats .boutique .broker .brussels .build .builders .business .buzz .cab .cafe .camera .camp .capetown .capital .car .cards .care .career .careers .cars .casa .cash .casino .catering .center .ceo .chat .cheap .christmas .church .city .claims .cleaning .click .clinic .clothing .cloud .club .coach .codes .coffee .college .cologne .community .company .computer .condos .construction .consulting .contractors .cooking .cool .country .coupons .courses .credit .creditcard .cricket .cruises .dance .date .dating .deals .degree .delivery .democrat .dental .dentist .design .diamonds .diet .digital .direct .directory .discount .dog .domains .download .earth .education .email .energy .engineer .engineering .enterprises .equipment .estate .events .exchange .expert .exposed .express .fail .faith .family .farm .fashion .feedback .film .finance .financial .fish .fishing .fit .fitness .flights .florist .flowers .football .forex .forsale .foundation .fund .furniture .futbol .fyi .gal .gallery .game .games .garden .gent .gift .gifts .gives .glass .global .gold .golf .graphics .green .gripe .group .guide .guitars .guru .hamburg .haus .healthcare .help .hiphop .hiv .hockey .holdings .holiday .homes .horse .host .hosting .house .how .industries .ink .institute . insure .international .investments .irish .ist .istanbul .jewelry .kim .kitchen .kiwi .kyoto .land .law .lawyer .lease .legal .lgbt .life .lighting .limited .limo .link .live .loan .loans .lol .london .lotto .love .ltd .ltda .luxury .maison .makeup .management .market .marketing .markets .mba .media .melbourne .memorial .men .menu .miami .moe .mom .money .mortgage .motorcycles .movie .mpml . nagoya .navy .network .news .ngo .ninja .nyc .okinawa .one .ong .onl . online .ooo .organic .osaka .paris .partners .parts .party .pet .pharmacy .photo .photography .physio .pics .pictures .pink .pizza .place .plumbing .plus .poker .porn .press .productions .promo .properties .property .protection .pub .qpon .quebec .racing .recipes .red .rehab .reit .rent .rentals .repair .report .republican .rest .restaurant .review .reviews .rich .rio .rip .rocks .rodeo .run .ryukyu .sale .salon .school .schule .science .scot .security .services .sex .sexy .shoes .shop .shopping .show .singles .site .ski .soccer .social .software .solar .solutions .soy .space .spreadbetting .srl .storage .store .stream .studio .study .style .sucks .supplies .supply .support .surf .surgery .swiss .sydney .systems .taipei .tattoo .tax .taxi .team .tech .technology .tennis .theater .theatre .tickets .tips .today .tokyo .tools .top .tours .town .toys .trade .trading .training .tube .university .uno .vacations .vegas .ventures .vet .video .villas .vip .vision .vodka .vote .voting .voto .voyage .wales .wang .watch .webcam .website .wedding .whoswho .wiki .win .wine .work .works .world .wtf .xyz .yachts .yoga .yokohama .zone

Why APC Hosting?
APC Hosting, a premiere web hosting company in Singapore since 2003 and awarded Singapore Business Superbrands 2014, offers reliable domain name registration in Singapore at affordable prices.