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09-27-2016, 03:48 AM
Managed Windows VPS
"Ultra High Powered VPS Performance with Day And Night Heroic Support"
Our Managed Windows VPS hosting services is provided on Xen-HVM platform, which is fully virtualized aka HVM (Hardware Virtual Machine) guests require CPU virtualization from the host CPU. So, you will have true power of the CPU, RAM and HDD`s. We provide free plesk control panel long with our VPS Hosting Packages.We are Guaranteed about our promises.Our Windows Servers Highly configured hardware setup. and Packages include top notch support from our professionals assisting VPS related issues 24/7.

Our professionals available to cover all your needs 24hours a day

Our Staderd Plans For Proffesionsls

Plan Name : Super
SSD : 25GB-RAID-10
RAM : 1.5GB
CPU Core : 1vCPU
Bandwidth : 5TB
PORT : 1000 Mbps
PRICE : $35.99/mo
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Plan Name : Best
SSD : 40GB-RAID-10
CPU Core : 2vCPU
Bandwidth : 6TB
PORT : 1000 Mbps
PRICE : $49.99/mo
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Plan Name : Super-somic
SSD : 60GB-RAID-10
RAM : 4.5GB
CPU Core : 3vCPU
Bandwidth : 8TB
PORT : 1000 Mbps
PRICE : $65.99/mo
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Plan Name : Mega-booster
SSD : 80GB-RAID-10
CPU Core : 4vCPU
Bandwidth : 10TB
PORT : 1000 Mbps
PRICE : $82.99/mo
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Plan Name : Grand
SSD : 110GB-RAID-10
RAM : 7.5GB
CPU Core : 6vCPU
Bandwidth : 10TB
PORT : 1000 Mbps
PRICE : $109.99/mo
Get Now (http://www.ctrlswitches.com/cart/cart.php?a=add&pid=20)

* 24/7/365 Fully Managed Support
* Best Uptime Guarantee
* 99.9% Service Level Agreement
* Free Auto Backups/Migrations
* Blazing SSD Cached RAID10 HDD`s
* Instant Setups
* Free cPanel/WHM, Plesk or Direct Admin Panel
* Windows 2012 R2 Standard Edition

* Free/Instant Setup
* Free Migration Service
* Free Plesk Panel License
* Anytime Scalable
* Fully Optimized/Secured
* Full Administrator Access
* Full Managed Support
* Private Nameservers

Additional IP- Extra 1 IP $3.05/mo.
Core- 1vCPU Core $7.00/mo.
RAM - 512 MB RAM $10.00/mo.
HDD - 10 GB HDD $3.00/mo.

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