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10-25-2016, 06:41 AM
Let me introduce you the server brand: HOST2VPS (https://www.host2vps.com/)

What is Host2VPS ?
Host2VPS is a portal made for our customers all around the world to order in 1 CLICK their VPS and to manage them through the same interface.

What are the Host2VPS benefits?
Host2VPS give you the choice among 6 different packs including advanced features such as a FireWall, NAT rules and the possibility to take "Snapshots".
It is available in 5 countries : France (two datacenters), Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and the new one USA. Datas are stored on SSD.

How to test?
Use the coupon code H2V15T to get 15 credit.

Here are the different available plans :


For any questions or feedbacks on this product please contact our support team from your customer space (https://www.host2vps.com/index.php?/support/).


*Promotion is limited to one physical person and 100 first customers to order until 11th of November 2016.