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10-20-2009, 10:31 PM
At Secureservertech we provide high quality hosting solutions and support with a personal touch. Being in the hosting business over 3 years now we have established a loyal client base with hardly any turnover meaning when people are with us they stay because of the quality of our product and the dedicated support they recieve. Litespeed hosting and high risk ddos protected hosting are our specialities and we were one of the first to offer these services. When you buy hosting from Secureservertech you can count on being with someone who knows what they are doing, someone you can reach immediately in the event of an emergency and someone you can trust.

Here are our services

High Risk Ddos Protected Hosting (http://secureservertech.com/hrh.html)
True protected hosting with no gimmicks, no bait and switch methods and real non oversold protection allocations. Unlike most other copycat high risk hosters we do not offer protection allocations we cannot back up neither do we offer unrealistic allocations with the hope that you will not need it. Our protection allocations are rock solid, you get what you pay for to the last bit. Lots of companies claim to have huge protection allocations. Some try to lure you with cheap prices. But NOBODY can do what we do for the price we offer. No excuses or false claims, we guarantee our service! All servers utilize high grade hardware and litespeed web server, No overcrowding or overselling.

Netherlands Hosting (http://secureservertech.com/da.html)
Litespeed powered web hosting based in The Netherlands for more freedom of speech and content. High bandwidth transfer allocations that can be used all the way. These are not oversold plans and you will be able to use every bit that is offered, no lame excuses or suspensions. This type of hosting with this much freedom will not last forever so get it and enjoy while you can.

Our Site (http://secureservertech.com/)

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