View Full Version : High Bounce Rate Or Low Bounce Rate?

02-01-2017, 01:52 AM
Hello friends,

Please tell me, Which is better High Bounce Rate Or Low Bounce Rate?

02-01-2017, 01:57 AM
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02-01-2017, 02:25 AM
low bounce rate is ie how long visitor stay in your website visitor saty long time your bounce rate will be low if visitor leaves your website in few mins then your bonce rate will be heigher

02-01-2017, 05:41 AM
“Bounce rate” refers to the percentage of people who leave the site without looking at any other pages, it is generally considered that an increase in bounce rate is a bad thing. A low bounce rate means high website visitor engagement.

02-01-2017, 07:06 AM
High bounce rates show something went wrong from your website. The visitors comes to your website and leave it without much time spend then the bounce rate goes high. The good bounce rate must be at 30% to 35%.

02-01-2017, 07:23 AM

Bounce rate is the percentage of users who view only one page of your website and then leave the website.

For the most part, any bounce rate over 70% is considered a high bounce rate, and a high bounce rate is bad. At that point there’s probably something wrong with our site, or we have links pointing to our site when our site has nothing to do with those links.

Bounce rates under 50% are generally considered very good bounce rates indeed. It sounds a bit strange to suggest that if half the people coming to our site leave right away then we’re doing great, but it’s true. Bounce rates as low as 40% or 30% are pretty spectacularly awesome.

david hong
02-01-2017, 09:48 PM
i pick Low Bounce Rate