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02-05-2017, 02:03 AM
Singapore Cloud Server in KT DC

Singapore KT cloud server, is the basis product of United States Santa Ana KT DC, the Singapore Cloud server is fast, and with a low ping result, which get the praise from the domestic users, KT is definitely the best choice for selecting an offshore server! V&Web’s cloud server rental is cheaper than dedicated hosting, stronger and more stable than the VPS, it can be managed easier than Web Hosting!

These Cloud Server plans are geared towards applications and workloads that require a balance of burstable compute and memory resources while providing enough storage and network bandwidth at cost effective rates.

Advantages of Cloud Server

*High Availability and Fault Tolerance

*Blazing Fast Storage

*Rapid Deployment

*Fully Scalable and Customizable

*Simplified Management

*Backup and Replication

*Easy Migration

*Complete Root Access

*Wide Range of Operating Systems


Email: sales@vandweb.com
Skype: letsidc_sales