View Full Version : What to do for my News Blog Sites to get any position in SERP?

02-25-2017, 12:10 AM
Hi Everyone Help me about News Blog !! We do work continuously before 40 to 50 days of my news blog sites but still doesn't get any position till last page of SERP (search engine results page). So what i do to get at least any position till last page of SERP.

02-25-2017, 02:44 AM
7 Ways To Improve Your Blog Search Engine Rankings
1# Optimize Your Blog Post Title
2# Add Keywords To Post and Media
3# Internal Linking
#4 Guest Blogging
#5 Blog Commenting
#6 Social Shares
#7 Repurpose Your Content

02-25-2017, 02:45 AM
For that you need to focus on below strategy like

Search engine submission
Blog directory
Social media Optimization
Bookmarking (By using published Blog url)

02-25-2017, 03:11 AM
Share your blog Url in different social channels and build backlinks for it

02-25-2017, 03:56 AM
Well, to rank anywhere high you have to optimize the page so that it would look valuable and relative to search engines. That`s quite hard to come up with a specific advice as you haven`t shared any work you`ve done for it by now, but you should probably look closer at your organic competitors for the keywords you target, optimize the page better (optimize the title, description, h-tags, make sure the content is unique, not overstuffed and looks natural). Check for all kinds of tech issues and make sure the page is not restricted from indexing in any way (have you checked if it`s indexed in fact?).

Then, surely, you`ll need to invest some efforts into off-page SEO to build links to your page (with guest posting or at least blog/forum commenting) and spread it across the social networks.

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02-25-2017, 04:50 AM
Effective SEO & SMO Marketing can help to get top SERP position.

02-25-2017, 06:06 AM
You should do regular posting SEO which increases your position in SERP.

02-25-2017, 06:07 AM
Focus more on On-Page SEO techniques first then implement Off-Page SEO techniques such as Press release submission, PDF sharing, Social Media Marketing, Blog posts, Forum posts etc.

04-15-2017, 08:11 PM
For me, you have to spend a lot of time tweaking and optimizing your blog in order for it to rank in any search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Optimizing in a sense of using the right and preferred keywords which are related to your blog niche, interlinking of posts, using the H tags and a lot more. Those things are called On Page SEO Optimizations.

As for the Off Page SEO Optimizations, you have to market and promote your blog in every possible but legal way. Such us using Social Networking Sites, Social Bookmarking Sites, blog commenting or guest blogging, forum posting, article submission and a lot more.

You can try the seodataservice website and see what they can offer to you.

I hope you'll get better result in SERP. Happy tweaking and optimizing!