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03-24-2017, 09:15 AM

HOSTdens provides Cheap Wordpress Hosting (https://hostdens.com/cheap-wordpress-hosting.php) as a solution that will deliver an infrastructure developed to meet Wordpress requirements. The infrastructure uses components that are proven reliable and optimized for unbeatable performance. With a superior infrastructure powering your storefront you can maximize your return.

A fast, reliable, Wordpress site with exceptional performance and a user experience that consumers expect and will return to again and again.
WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that powers 2.7% of web sites on the internet. It's extendable with tons of free plug-in and themes. With HOSTdens, you can install WordPress with just a click through an automatic installer - QuickInstall. HOSTdens offers 100% compatible WordPress Hosting for tens of thousands of sites already, and is the perfect match for your WordPress-based web site.

100% Compatible Wordpress Hosting

Install the latest version of wordpress
Exceeds wordpress minimum system requirements
Includes latest versions of Apache, MySQL, & PHP
PHP runs as suPHP for increased wordpress security

Sign up with HOSTdens today, and we'll even transfer your existing WordPress web site for FREE!

WP - BRONZE - $2/Mo

Web Space : 40 GB
Monthly Bandwidth : 100 GB
Sub Domains : 15
Email Accounts : Unlimited
FTP Accounts : Unlimited
Mailing Lists : 10
Number of separate sites hosted : 1
Parked (Pointed) Domains : 5

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WP - SIVLER - $5/Mo

Web Space : 150 GB
Monthly Bandwidth : 300 GB
Sub Domains : 60
Email Accounts : Unlimited
FTP Accounts : Unlimited
Mailing Lists : 50
Number of separate sites hosted : 15
Parked (Pointed) Domains : 25

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WP- GOLD - $11/Mo

Free Domain Name : 1
Web Space : 700 GB
Monthly Bandwidth : 700 GB
Sub Domains : Unlimited
Email Accounts : Unlimited
FTP Accounts : Unlimited
Mailing Lists : Unlimited
Number of separate sites hosted : Unlimited
Parked (Pointed) Domains : Unlimited

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Why choose Hostdens?
✓ Maximum uptime
✓ Easy usability
✓ Value for money
✓ High performance
✓ 24 x 7 customer service
✓ Unmatched server performance

Contact details:
Live Chat - Available @ website (https://hostdens.com/)
Email - support@hostdens.com
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