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04-02-2017, 12:06 AM
What is Landing Page?

04-02-2017, 12:16 PM
In the purest sense, a landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on. However, when discussing landing pages within the realm of marketing and advertising, it’s more common to refer to a landing page as being a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective.
This means that your landing page should have no global navigation to tie it to your primary website. The main reason for this is to limit the options available to your visitors, helping to guide them toward your intended conversion goal.

04-02-2017, 12:34 PM
Page single page page referral product, brand and unique with other pages

04-02-2017, 12:54 PM
A landing page, sometimes called a destination page, is the web page that visitors arrive at after they click the link on a search engine results page.

04-02-2017, 11:23 PM
A landing page is the page that visitors arrive at after they click the link on a search engine results page

04-03-2017, 01:02 AM
A landing page is a standalone page that a visitor arrives on after clicking an ad (pay-per-click, social media, display banners, etc.). A landing page is commonly used in marketing campaigns because landing pages are distinct from your website that have been designed with a focused objective for a single offer.

This objective can range from getting registrants for your webinar, downloading an ebook or tip sheet, and getting signups for your SaaS website.

04-03-2017, 01:47 AM
Landing Page is your website web page where your want to drive traffic for your business.

05-29-2017, 06:27 AM
Landing page is a web page that a visitors arrives after clicking a particular ads. Landing page is quite different from website, basically it is used for running a marketing campaign. Landing page is not a part of website also known as lead capture pages. Landing page are useful because they provide information directly related to advertisement selected by viewer.

05-30-2017, 01:34 AM
A webpage which can be said as entry point of a website where a particular user lands from different sources is known as landing page.

05-30-2017, 01:49 AM
The first Web Page user visit of your website is the landing Page for that user.

06-01-2017, 07:04 AM
A landing page is that particular page n every website that intends people to land on referring on splash screen is displayed

06-01-2017, 07:13 AM
a web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website.

06-01-2017, 09:56 AM
In which page you want to target you user and where you server your service that is call your landing page. It means your targeted keywords are know you landing page.