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04-27-2017, 04:13 AM

Neq3Host started back in 2016 with an aim to provide a variety of web hosting services. Thousands of clients had overgrown their businesses/websites in no time and wanted an advanced and professional solution to continue forward and so we introduced the state-of-the-art Premium* brand, known as Neq3 Premium*. This allowed our webmasters to reach their full potential providing them with far more capabilities on blazing fast servers.
Not only that, we now offer much more than this, including our high quality Reseller Hosting solutions, We offer also Master Reseller Hosting solutions, Domain names as well as SSL Certificates.

Available Locations: USA (LA) Los Angeles Luxembourg (L๋tzebuerg) Buffalo.
IP Address to test ping: [Los Angeles] * ||
IP Address to test ping:
IP Address to test ping [Luxembourg]
This is custom Pricing only.
Brand New USA Server is now available

Default Shared Hosting Features:

- Unlimited Features (FTP, Emails, MySQL etc...)

- (LA)*USA Data Center (Quadranet)(Root S.A)

- Latest cPanel Version with SSL

- No overloaded servers

- 99,9% Uptime Guarantee

- 24x7 Real Support Assistance.

- Luxembourg Based Company

- Free Unlimited SSL Certificates

- Network Uplink (1Gbps)

- Multiple Updates yearly

- 14 Days money back guarantee

- Free Downgrade if you're on Pluto or any higher plan based.

- LiteSpeed Powered Servers*

- Softaculous Premium*

- Free Mirgration for all your websites

- Instant Activation after payment

- CloudLinux

- No Advertisement

Earth Shared cPanel Plan

* *20GB*Disk Space*

* *200GB Bandwidth*

* *Unlimited Features

* *€1.29/mo (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=1)

Pluto Shared cPanel Plan*

* *35GB*Disk Space

* *350GB*Bandwidth

* *Unlimited Features*

* *€1.99/mo (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=1)

Neptune Shared cPanel Plan

* *50GB*Disk Space*

* *500GB*Bandwidth

* *Unlimited*Features*

* *€2.59/mo (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=1)

Saturn Shared cPanel Plan

* *300GB*Disk Space*

* *1TB*Bandwidth

* *Unlimited*Features*

* *€3.09/mo (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=1)

Shared Hosting Luxembourg (L๋tzebuerg)

Earth Shared cPanel Plan

* *8GB SSD*Disk Space*

* *300GB*Bandwidth

* *Unlimited*Features*

* *€1.95/mo (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=1)

Pluto Shared cPanel Plan

* *12GB*Disk Space*

* *500GB*Bandwidth

* *Unlimited*Features*

* *€2.95/mo (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=1)
Neptune*Shared cPanel Plan

* *16GB*Disk Space*

* *750GB*Bandwidth

* *Unlimited*Features*

* *€3.95/mo (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=1)

Pluto*Shared cPanel Plan

[b]* *20GB SSD*Disk Space*

* *1000GB*Bandwidth

* *Unlimited*Features*

* *€4.95/mo (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=1)

Don't see what you need? Contact us for a custom quote! Click Me (https://neq3host.com/secure/submitticket.php)
================================================== ==

Reseller 1*Package

30GB*Disk Space (Per Domain)*

* *300GB*Bandwidth*(Per Domain)*

* *30*cPanel accounts*

* *€2/mo (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=18)

Reseller 2*Package

50GB*Disk Space (Per Domain)*

* *500GB*Bandwidth*(Per Domain)*

* *50*cPanel accounts*

* *€3/mo (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=18)

Reseller 3*Package

80GB*Disk Space (Per Domain)*

* *750GB*Bandwidth*(Per Domain)*

* *80*cPanel accounts*

* *€4/mo (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=18)

Reseller 4*Package

300GB*Disk Space (Per Domain)*

* *1TB*Bandwidth*(Per Domain)*

* *Unlimited*cPanel accounts*

* *€5/mo (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=18)

Default Server Information and Specification
⇢ Intel Dual Xeon E5-2620v3
⇢ CPU Speed 2x2.40GHz
⇢ 6 CPU Cores
⇢ 16GB DDR4 ECC Memory
⇢ 500GB SATA Driver(s)
⇢ /29 - 5 Usable IPv4 Space
⇢ 99,9% Server uptime
⇢ Monthly Backups for the client
⇢ Data Cetner USA (LA) Quadranet

Reseller Hosting Features

✓ FREE 140Gbps DDoS Protection
✓ FREE Site Mirgration
✓ FREE Instant Setup
✓ FREE Unlimited SSL Certificates
✓ Latest cPanel/WHM Control Panel
✓ CloudLinux
✓ Overselling Enabled
✓ Unlimited cPanel Accounts Creation (Open ticket if you're on R1, R2 or R3. This will costs you €5 for unlimited cpanel accounts)
✓ Instant Plan Upgrade/Downgrade.
✓ Private Nameservers Allowed! (Create Your Own Branded Nameservers - Ex: ns1.yourdomain.com ns2.yourdomain.com)
✓ Online Webmail and FTP (Includes Roundcube, Horde, SquirrelMail)
✓ More than 100 cPanel Features in every hosting plan,
✓ Multiple PHP Versions (4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0)
✓ CloudFlare CDN Plugin (1-Click Website Optimization)
✓ Attracta SEO & Marketing Tools
✓ 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
✓ Monthly Backups
✓ Free Mirgration + 5 cPanel Accounts for free. Above 5 cPanel accounts costs per account €2 fee.
✓ ClamAV Virus Scanner.
✓ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

Default Master Reseller Features

Neq3Host Providing a new way in the Hosting, get now a future level in Reseller Hosting and that is Master Reseller Hosting which allows you to create Shared Accounts and Reseller accounts!

- Unlimited SSL Certificates
- IP Address Unblocker
- 3 days Refund after payment
- Create Shared AND Reseller Hosting Accounts
- LiteSpeed Web Server
- Softaculous Script Auto-Installer
- DDoS Protected
- cPanel/WHM Control Panel
- WHMPHP Master Reseller Panel (To create Reseller Accounts)
- CloudLinux and KernelCare Powered
- 24/7 Support Available

Available Plans to buy

Master Reseller 1

20 GB Secure Disk Space
200 GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub-Accounts
cPanel/WHM Control Panel
WHMPHP Master Reseller Panel
Softaculous Auto-Installer
Shared IP Address

€15.00 Year (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=18)

Master Reseller 2

60 GB Secure Disk Space
6.000 GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub-Accounts
cPanel/WHM Control Panel
WHMPHP Master Reseller Panel
Softaculous Auto-Installer
Free Dedicated IP Address

€30.00 Year (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=18)

Master Reseller 3

300 GB Secure Disk Space
1TB GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub-Accounts
cPanel/WHM Control Panel
WHMPHP Master Reseller Panel
Softaculous Auto-Installer
2 free Dedicated IP Addresses

€50.00 Year (https://neq3host.com/secure/cart.php?gid=18)

Why would you pay €400 per year if you can get it at us for €15 per year.

Payment Methods
- PayPal

Terms & Conditions
- No contract, all our products are prepaid!
- Kindly note: There will be no dedicated ip with this promotion. There will also no free domain names with this promotion

Master Reseller Plans does have only 3 Days money back guarantee!
These specials does not have Free Dedicated IP Addresses

Website: https://www.neq3host.com
Contact us: sales@neq3host.com | support@neq3host.com
Open a Ticket: https://www.neq3host.com/secure/submitticket.php
Skype: neq3host