View Full Version : How does infographic help in SEO?

06-19-2017, 08:48 AM
Hello friends tell me
How does infographic help in SEO?

06-19-2017, 08:54 AM
Infographics represent your message in an effective and visually pleasing manner, and can also sustain the attention of your readers. Infographics when used together with other web elements, facilitates higher ranking in search engine. Infographic makes boring and heavy topics enjoyable and easy to understand.

06-19-2017, 08:56 AM
Infographic links are crawlable and it also provide the huge traffic.

06-19-2017, 09:50 AM
In the highly visual business world of today, the infographic (or infographics) that you use can make the difference between your online visibility and the stagnation of your marketing efforts.

06-20-2017, 02:48 AM
Infographics represent your message in an effective and absolute way. we drive more traffic from using of infographic images.

06-21-2017, 02:55 AM
Infographics is a graphical information shared for your business products and services. It is used to submit in various Web2.0 to build backlinks and also generate traffic from them. They are helpful to build your website popularity in search engines.

06-21-2017, 03:04 AM
Infographic refers to visual representation of your message. Now a days people are more interested in viewing images and videos rather than reading long long articles or blogs. But, it's very difficult for the website to get Infographic approved in the website, so it would to be great to publish it in the website blog itself and generate traffic.

06-21-2017, 07:18 AM
1. Infographics are Shareable, Linkable and Evergreen Assets
Infographics provide evergreen content material. A questionable news story or even survey might obtain you a surge of social stocks if it gets to the actual ”right audience” in the ”right time”, however from my encounter this kind of PR may appear far more strike and skip. Having an infographic, there is a long term linkable asset which retains relevancy and can get stocks months after it is published on the web site.

2. It’s Easier to Explain Complex Data, Facts and Figures through Visual Form
Our brain features a difficult experience processing huge numbers and also the precise product information. Still psychologyexperts possess proven that visible aids have enormous pedagogic as well as mnemonic worth. Infographicly Infographics reduce important tables, charts as well as data right into a single painting. It’s much more user-friendly to demonstrate chances of successful the lottery with an infographic compared to build a rambling web page of graphs, illustrations as well as tables. Info needs to be comestible for it to look viral-like.

3. Earn Links form Outside your Industry-
It means you can have outbound links in your website just because of the infographics so that people wish to check the infographics and get into your website.

06-21-2017, 08:51 PM
Infographic submission help to increase your site backlinks & ranking.

06-22-2017, 12:36 AM
Infographics are a great way to represent your products or business using both, text and images effectively .

06-22-2017, 12:46 AM
It is the Visual representation of data & Information.
it helps to increase site backlinks & Ranking.

06-22-2017, 06:37 AM
Infographics are used to increase Brand Awareness & Reach
It helps to improve SEO
It helps you to connect with your audience

07-05-2017, 06:16 AM
Infographic submission is good for SEO because infographic represents information fully and clearly in the form of images, charts or any other visuals. Users prefers images than reading text. Therefore it is good for SEO and it also helps in ranking website on SERP.

07-05-2017, 10:05 AM
Yes, infographic submission is a good for SEO