View Full Version : Google has hijacked the first page of search results

06-21-2017, 06:40 AM
Throughout the years Google has hijacked the first page of their results.

When we the content generators lived the good times, Google had 3 Adwords results in the top of natural results and several on the right. That allowed us to focus on generating good content for users, and on the way getting on the first page to get visitors interested in our content and possibly to purchase from us.

But it seems the rules posted by Google are transforming their own desire to monopolize visits to adwords paid results and to their own content. From some time to our days, Google gave special importance to local results. Specialized websites providing good information about their town or city had good positions in Google first page.

But google noticed that people building websites were getting good part of the traffic for local search results (http://www.4seohelp.com/), and that is when they decided to get a bigger part of that cake.

In the good times for content generators, there were 10 natural results and some Adwords, but for Google to accomplish highjacking the homepage, they now have 4 Instead of three top search results with snippets. After those results they show Google Maps map and then the paid sponsors on Google Maps. In the bottom of the page they show up to 3 rows of image snippets that link to Google Places. This nicely executed page finish reduces the possibility of searchers to click on the 8th, 9th and 10th links of the natural search results, and of course there is no way people will go to second page.

When you look at this changes on the homepage, and you are generating content to dream and get to the first page, you canít avoid to feel Google has hijacked the homepage of their own search engine. Itís almost impossible for a searcher to arrive to your hard worked gained 1st position in natural results. And donít even think of getting visitors if you are not on the first or second position.

Google has always used content generated by SEOs, writers and well built websites to make money, but after you look at a local keyword search results you canít avoid thinking they have taken it to far now. And as a SEO I canít avoid to make myself the next questions:

If Google is using Adwords paid results, Google Maps and Google Maps paid results to accomplish getting 100% of the clicks, why donít they just eliminate all natural results from the first page of the search results?

If Google is doing everything within their hands to avoid visitors to arrive to second page, why donít they just eliminate the pagination and leave the first page with their Adwords and Maps results?

How far is Google willing to go to kill natural results?

Why Google search engine doesnít just merge with Google Maps and stop kidding around?

If I had 5 minutes with a Google Search Chief, I would remind him or her that what made Google big in the first place was content generated on third party sides. I will also tell them there are many website out there deserving nice natural search result clicks because they provide good information for the user different from reviews.

A mall sells because it has Good amount of people walking, many third party shops and good products. But if the owner of the mall notices the shop owners are making money and decides to buy the shops and sell those products, this becomes a party of me with me and quality will go down.

Google doesnít seems like a search engine anymore, for me it looks like a mall in a socialist third world country hijacked by its dictator.