View Full Version : How long does it take Google to index pages

06-26-2017, 11:09 AM
It's been a while that I have published an article on my blog. The content is 100% genuine and plagiarism tests been passed.

What are the reasons it's not ranking yet?

06-26-2017, 06:45 PM
i think about 1 or 2 day, if you want faster, you can use google submit to index by yourseft

06-27-2017, 12:17 AM
It takes between 4 days and 4 weeks for your brand new website to be crawled and indexed by Google. This range, however, is fairly broad and has been challenged by those who claim to have indexed sites in less than 4 days.

06-27-2017, 03:31 AM
your website need to crawl immediately for that just try it on google fetch console.

06-27-2017, 03:33 AM
Great Share keep it up.