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08-30-2017, 06:09 AM
Hello Friends,

Please tell me what is Google Analytics.

08-30-2017, 07:53 AM
Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

08-30-2017, 08:00 AM
Google Analytics is a Web analytics tools offered by Google which is used to track live traffic and monitoring, metrics report, goal creation, referral traffic etc..

08-30-2017, 08:14 AM
Google Analytics is free web analysis tool from google. it help in analysis the performance of site like no of visitor, bounce rate etc

08-30-2017, 09:27 AM
Google Analytics is a free tool provide by Google. Google Analytics interaction between Website and Website users.

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08-30-2017, 01:56 PM
Google Analytic tool is the best tool to check web traffic.

08-30-2017, 09:13 PM
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08-31-2017, 01:24 AM
Google Analytics is a free tool that you can used to track information about the way visitors to your site interact with it.

08-31-2017, 01:45 AM
Google Analytics is free tool from google which help us to track our website data. It is very useful tool. you can read more about it from give link.

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08-31-2017, 02:00 AM
Hello Friends,

Please tell me what is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a software that is connected to your website through a piece of tracking code. This is a small piece of Javascript code that is made within your analytics account, like the example below. The account holder generates this code and then places it into the HTML back end of their site.

08-31-2017, 03:30 AM
Google analytics used to collect your website traffic and keep the reports of it. It is free service provided by the Google. It is nothing but Java script code. You will need to sign-in to Google analytics account for enabling the service.

08-31-2017, 04:30 AM
Google analytics is very accurate and free Google resource tool for website owners to track or analyse website traffic, daily organic visitors, paid visitors and day to day sessions and more information about site visitors.

08-31-2017, 04:45 AM
Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.

Asmit Roy
08-31-2017, 05:19 AM
Its one type of tool that use to analysis the traffic of website.

09-09-2017, 07:25 AM
Google Analytics is the SEO tool which is used to monitor website traffic.

09-10-2017, 12:15 AM
Google analytics is a free tool offered by Google. This tool helps us to analyze over the static of site regarding traffic, page visit, bounce rate, user behavior on site. This tool comes with lots of functionality to analyze the overall traffic statics on your site.

09-10-2017, 04:30 AM
Google Analytics is the free tool used to analyse and track the traffic of the website.

09-11-2017, 12:56 AM
it helps to track the report like audience overview in targeted country wise city wise etc. like we can see many reports in that analytics.

09-11-2017, 01:11 AM
It is a website analysis tool offered by the google which can help us to check web traffic, landing pages, and other information.

09-11-2017, 01:30 AM
Google Analytics is one of the most comprehensive free SEO tools for tracking statistics data about your website or blog. It is easy to use, and it provides the basic data for inexperienced marketers, as well as in-depth analysis, perfect for the large companies and online businesses. With this tool you can create custom reports and set up campaigns with goals. Google analytic is a perfect tool for monitoring your online presence, and analyzing conversions, traffic, etc.

09-12-2017, 03:35 AM
Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.

09-12-2017, 04:45 AM
It will show the reports like audience overview, source/medium organic and paid listing etc...

09-15-2017, 12:28 AM
Google analytics generate reports. it helps to monitor the traffic matrices details.